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    • Rock bottom at-cost pricing on domain registrations, renewals, and transfers
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How Does Domain Cost Club Work?

Join the Club
Membership Benefits

Domain Cost Club Membership not only guarantees you at-cost domain pricing, it also includes our Affiliate Starter Kit. That's access to online marketing tools that allow you to earn bounties and commissions on referrals.

Refer a Friend
Sharing is Caring!

If you know someone who could take advantage of our Cost Club, give them a link to your personalized referral page. When they purchase their Membership, you will earn up to $200 in bounty and commission!

Build a Network
Earn on 7 Levels

Referring creates a waterfall of commissions. You'll receive commission for your referrals, their referrals, and so on through seven levels — your network. Commission is paid on Membership renewals too!

Get Paid
Semi-Weekly Payouts

Get ready to cash some checks. Every month we'll pay out your earnings by the method of your choice. Charter Members can even get paid twice a month. No more waiting to be rewarded for your efforts!

Who Should Join Domain Cost Club?

The Internet Professional

The Internet Professional

The success of a business still comes down to location, location, location. On the Internet, that means a domain name. An internet professional knows the importance of driving traffic through many different websites and testing alternative domains to find the best possible fit. The at-cost pricing on domains for DCC club members keeps money in your pocket while building a domain portfolio.

The Casual Blogger

The Casual Blogger

You can save $40 or more on a single domain registration as a DCC Member. If you've been on the web for a while as a blogger, business owner, or hobbyist, you're ready for a custom domain and probably know at least a few other people who are too. Join the Club, brand yourself by registering a domain, refer a couple friends, and you can end up with even more than just a great deal on a domain — you can make money!

The Home Business Owner

The Home Business Owner

DCC has a rich reward system for dedicated affiliates. Earning $25 to $200 per referral provides a real opportunity to build a serious income. A 4×7 matrix creates a deep network with the ability to earn long-term commissions on renewals, year after year. The immediate and international appeal of a virtual product like domains is ideally suited to working from home and on your own schedule.

What Else Comes with My Membership?

Enjoy all of these great benefits!

Benefits Club Member Lifetime Charter Member
At-Cost Domain Registration
At-Cost Renewals
At-Cost Transfers
Free Private Registration Service
Affiliate Starter Kit Included Free!
($199 value!)
Included Free!
($199 value!)
Replicated Site
Earn Commissions
Earn Referral Bounties
Commission Tracking
Network Structure
Commission Payout Frequency Monthly Semi-monthly
Charter Account Status
Giftable Memberships
Priority Notification
House Spillover
per year
one-time payment
Bounties and Commissions

Bounties and Commissions
Fast Cash and Long Term Income

Earn anywhere from $25 to $200 per referral! Build a network and earn even more. For every personal referral you are paid both a one-time premium bounty of $20-$180 and an annual commission of $5-$20. You get paid on more than just your own referrals — you receive commission on every referral within your seven level matrix.

If you refer a $99 Standard Member, $55 is paid to you and your network. You're paid a $20 premium bounty plus $5 in yearly commission — that's $25 for each referral. Another $30 in commission is paid out to your network at $5 per level. Bounties are a one-time payment, while commissions are recurring income because they're paid on both new memberships and renewals.

If you refer a Charter Member for a one-time purchase of $499, $320 is paid out to you and your network. You're paid a $180 premium bounty plus $20 in commission — that's $200 for referring a single Charter Member! Another $120 is paid out to your network.

Bounties and Commissions
Spillover Chart

A 4×7 Matrix with Spillover
The Power of a Network

A matrix isn't anything complicated. It's just a way to organize referrals and provide the most wealth to the most people. The "7" in a 4×7 is the number of levels in a network. You'll receive commission for your referrals, their referrals, and so on through seven levels — your "downline."

The "4" is where our spillover feature comes in - everyone's first level is made up of four people. After those four, the next person spills down a level to share commissions with your downline. This happens again and again for seven levels, and remember, not only do you spill people downline they're spilled to you from above as well! Commissions are paid seven levels upline from wherever the referral is placed.

Income Calculator Placeholder

How Much Can I Earn?
Unlimited Income

So how much money can you make? How long does it take to make some serious money? Let's look at some examples, and remember, since you earn commission on renewals too it's residual.

What if you refer one person a month, and each new member refers one a month as well? In a year you'll have earned over $16,000. What if a quarter of those referrals are Charter Members? That's right at $30,000, a huge return on a $99 investment, but how easy is it to earn a full time income? Let's look at two Standard Members a month - in less than a year you'd have a full matrix with an annual six figure income! Even at one a month, you'd have a full matrix in less than a year and a half. Just because your matrix is full doesn't mean your income and network will quit growing. If your matrix is full it triggers an Infinity Override - get paid on all levels below you, to infinity! That's truly unlimited income.

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About Us
A History of Reliability

Domain Cost Club is powered by Global Domains International, Inc. GDI was founded in 1999 and launched the .WS ccTLD registry in 2000. GDI has operated a successful Internet-based network marketing program since 2001, making monthly payments to its members for 14 years.

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